About Us


Site Response, INC is a relationship-based, privately owned, local company that was established in 2012. Jonessa Miner, the CEO and founder of Site Response has worked to acquire both hands-on practical knowledge through job experience in combination with education to achieve various degrees and certifications.  While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education at Saint Martin’s University, Jonessa worked within her family’s business as an equipment operator in the logging industry.  There she became all too familiar with industry injuries and fatalities and strived to create an effective training model for heavy industry.  Her instruction techniques and attention to relevant job detail allows the ability to tailor training to ensure it is both effective and engaging. 

Our sustainable model is created by our commitment to ensuring the safety of our clients, expert instructors with working knowledge, integrity, and hard work. These core values are what not only provides our customers great service today but will continue to provide them excellent service for years to come. Our team at Site Response looks forward to continued growth while exceeding customer expectations.

Mission & Objectives

Our team is committed to creating a safer work environment through industry specific safety consulting & training. We value a personal relationship with our clients and aim to achieve an “effective in practice” safe workplace.

Safety Training & Supplies:
We have an ever-growing list of training in which we tailor each instruction to our client. Our instructors are experts in their field, and we strive to make each and every class as fun as it is educational. As a distributor for leading safety equipment manufacturers we can also help to ensure that all safety and personal protective equipment is current and meets the required standards.

Safety Consulting:
Site Response safety consultants work together with our clients to develop, implement and manage site specific safety programs. Our thorough understanding of safety, regulatory compliance, loss control and risk management techniques provide current best safety practices for your workplace. In addition, we also offer onsite safety professionals.

Consumable Products:
Site Response is also a wholesale provider of spill supplies, spill containment, geotextiles, and environmental supplies for heavy industry. We provide consulting services as needed for assistance in environmental compliance with options for cost effective solutions.

Rescue Stand-by Services:
Our team of technician level rescue professionals have the capability and expertise to write site specific rescue plans, provide rescue personnel along with all equipment needed to perform an on-site rescue if needed.These IDLH scenarios can include atmospheric hazards, high-angle/low-angle rescue challenges, hazmat, and much more.